Elemental Wells engineers Steve Bunton and Rolf Spieker will be attending the SPE Decommissioning – Innovative Approaches to Shallow Water Platforms and Wells Workshop in Kuala Lumper 23rd – 24th October 2017.

The workshop will focus on the current practices, technology and emerging innovation in decommissioning shallow water wells and facilities. Constraints related to platform removal, such as Heavy Lift Vessel and Cutting Technologies, will also be discussed and viewed from various perspectives.

This looks likely to become a platform for key industry players to share and discuss their experience. By sharing case studies of regional and international projects , innovative processes and technologies, the workshop will promote synergy in the industry in driving for solutions and provide operators and service providers with the information needed to efficiently retire their shallow water assets“.

Steve and Rolf will be linking with clients to elaborate on the experience we have in this field.