Mac Beggs, Exploration Lead at Elemental Exploration Geoscience, will be presenting “Upgrading small discoveries – cases from Taranaki Basin, New Zealand” at the AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop “Oil and Gas Resources of India: Exploration and Production Opportunities and Challenges”, Mumbai, India, December 6 – 7.
The presentation has been co-written by Mac Beggs, Shrijib Patra, Monmoyuri Sarma, Stuart Munday and Brett Rogers.

“India has recently awarded production contracts over several dozen small undeveloped oil and gas discoveries to new ventures in the expectation that more entrepreneurial approaches will lead to valuable economic outcomes. Several fields within several plays in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand, illustrate that fresh approaches, new technologies and concepts, and often some good fortune can indeed combine to transform discoveries initially appraised as uneconomic, or not recognised at all, into significant and lucrative producing assets”.