On September 13th, the Minister of Science and Innovation, Hon Paul Goldsmith, announced the award of funding for 68 new scientific research projects.
Elemental Petroleum Consultants will contribute as a sub-contractor, along with Auckland and Otago Universities, NIWA, and several overseas collaborators, to GNS Science in their programme, “Economic opportunities and environmental implications of energy extraction from gas hydrates”, which has been granted $7,663,790 over the next 5 years.
Brett Rogers and Mac Beggs will address the assessment of the economic feasibility of scenarios for production of natural gas from sites within the vast resources which have been identified in research to date within New Zealand’s continental slope, especially off the eastern North Island.

Mac Beggs is also involved with a University of Canterbury programme awarded funding of just on $1 million over the next 3 years: “Discovering petroleum associated with buried volcanoes”.

We are very pleased to have these formal links with strong and effective New Zealand research organisations, helping to keep our commercial services at the cutting edge of the fields we work in.