We have an exciting intern programme with a range of diverse opportunities for students.

Joshua Price has recently completed his first year in the two year MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at Victoria University. He chose this degree as it integrated many of the disciplines of Earth Sciences and will allow him to pursue a career that is engaging, interesting and provides an opportunity to explore the world. Joshua was awarded by Victoria University, in conjunction with Elemental Petroleum Consultants, a summer research scholarship looking into "Orphaned Wells of New Zealand: Assessing the environmental risk associated with historic petroleum wells in New Zealand."
When not studying Joshua likes to relax with his hobbies of dancing, swimming, hiking and planning his next travel adventure.

Callum Anderson is a Victoria University of Wellington Student doing a BSc Majoring in Geology and Environmental science. Callum was awarded a Summer Research Scholarship by VUW in conjunction with Elemental Petroleum Consultants, to look at the Orphaned Wells of New Zealand and Assess the environmental risk associated with historic petroleum wells in New Zealand.

When not studying Callum is an avid skier, cyclist and kayaker and has passion for travel and adventure.

Christine-Marie Jaspers will be joining Elemental Power & Renewables for 4-6 months from August 2015. Christine-Marie is studying energy technologies and resource optimisation as part of a Bachelor of Engineering at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Science, Germany.

Elemental Group Limited are currently developing a Trainee Master Program as part of our strategy to develop skills, people and technologies locally. This is a direct result of the skills gap faced by the New Zealand petroleum industry for petroleum engineering, well evaluation, reservoir engineering, or well engineering. Our Trainee Master Program aims to produce Masters Students with technical and professional knowledge in the petroleum industry. The trainee will work towards a Masters Degree through the University of Auckland while working on an industry based research project.

This year’s trainee, Alice Stembridge, is a recent graduate from the University of Canterbury having just completed a BE(Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering. Alice is working towards a Master of Energy qualification through the University of Auckland while completing her research project to develop current open source software by MRST to produce a reservoir simulation capability for hydrocarbon reservoirs. This requires Alice to configure a geo cellular model in MRST, introduce known rock properties, well locations and characteristics to the geo model and to initiate a steady state model of the reservoir to define all the fluid types in place. She will then history match the model and carry out simulations on the reservoir model to assess secondary recovery opportunities.

From January to March 2015, Kevin Diau came from Stanford University, USA, and undertook an internship with Elemental Power & Renewables. Kevin worked on the project delivery of several solar-diesel hybrid microgrid projects in the South Pacific as part of his Masters of Science. He also conducted research on the impact of disruptive renewable energy technologies on utilities in New Zealand.