Elemental Group is a unique energy consultancy with world class capabilities based in New Zealand. We combine extensive international research with a wealth of New Zealand expertise and global experience. The team believes that we can do better as a team than as individuals, taking the best of what we already have, and then building on it to deliver something even better.

The management team at Elemental Group are highly regarded within the energy sphere, offering experience across every field in New Zealand. Our global experience spans Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Kate Bromfield - Director Environment
Kate heads up the Environment team at Elemental Group.  She has a PhD in marine geology and palaeoecology from the University of Queensland, and a BSc(hons) from the Center of Excellence in Ore Deposit Research at the University of Tasmania.  She has over 10 years experience working in Australasia and the Indo-Pacific, and after relocating to  New Zealand in 2011, she worked as an environmental risk analyst.  Her unique combination of environmental and regulatory experience means Elemental Environment provides clients with the best advice on consenting, permits and environmental impact assessments.  Kate is a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, the Society for Risk Analysis, and the New Zealand Institute for Directors. You can view Kate's profile on LinkedIn.

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Steve Bunton - Managing Director Elemental Group, Australia
Steve has over 18 years industry experience in drilling, completions and decommissioning working from the highlands of Papa New Guinea to the deep waters off Australia's North West Shelf.  He has worked with supermajors, independents and small operators.  Steve enjoys technical challenges with core strengths in well integrity and well abandonment's.  You can view Steve's profile on LinkedIn.

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Nick Jackson - Director Petroleum Consultants
Nick has over fifteen years' industry experience working for both operators and service companies in supervisory positions with broad experience in all fields of geology. His pragmatic and extensive experience in drilling operations guides a team of seasoned professionals to assist operators meet their geological and evaluation needs. Prior to joining Elemental Group, Nick worked for New Zealand geological engineering consultancy companies, covering onshore and offshore operations in conventional and coal seam gas operations. Nick currently sits on the PEPANZ Board representing Associate members. You can view his profile on LinkedIn.

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Andrew Revfeim - Director Power & Renewables
Andrew has over 26 years of broad energy sector experience in Australasia, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. He has covered a range of fields focused on downstream commercial activities, including LNG, gas processing, non-conventional hydrocarbons, CO2 capture and abatement, renewable energy and conventional power. He is a international expert in commercial structuring, project economics, contract negotiation, project financing and risk management. You can view his profile on  LinkedIn.

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Brett Rogers - Managing Director
Brett has 23 years in oil and gas businesses in New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands, involving joint venture management, asset management, field development planning, financial analysis, asset sales and purchase, well construction, stimulation, production optimisation, reservoir modelling and team building. His key strengths lie in creating teams to develop, analyse and monetise new concepts, methods or technologies which add value to the clients business and are based on sound commercial and technical fundamentals. You can view his profile on  LinkedIn

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Mac Beggs - Senior Consultant, Exploration
Mac has over thirty years experience in discovering and developing oil and gas fields, mostly in New Zealand but internationally as well. Mac is active with the AAPG and has convened an hosted numerous workshops and conferences. You can view his profile on  LinkedIn.
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Tony Brewster - Principal Advisor Geophysics

Tony has over 30 years seismic interpretation experience in a variety of geological terrains in Australasia, Papua New Guinea, SE Asia and North Africa. His expertise lies in all exploration activities ranging from acreage evaluation, prospect generation, appraisal, development planning and tight gas interpretation. Tony is expert at the use of, and training others in, workstation-based 2D/3D seismic interpretation in structurally complex areas; and realistic depth conversion.

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Ben Dowman - Field Petroleum Engineer
Ben has five years industry experience, having graduated from Otago University with a geology major.  Ben is an experienced petroleum production database manager, routinely completing decline curve analysis and pressure transient analysis to clients requirements.  He has also been actively involved in wellsite geology roles for multiple clients and is responsible for looking after the Production Performance database which Elemental Group has developed. 

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Michael Guthrie - Advisor
Michael is a recent Vic graduate who studied Geology and Environmental Science.  He has multiple years practical experience in the Australian mining industry but a keen interest in the New Zealand and Pacific environmental sectors.  He is the newest member of the environmental team.
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Bill Leask - Senior Geological Advisor
Bill has over 30 years of industry and consulting experience, 18 of which are oil and gas related, ranging from well prognosis and planning, through wellsite operations, to post drill evaluation.  His additional experience includes coal exploration, open-pit planning and engineering.                                

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Stella McCallum - Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Consultant   

Stella works with the team to ensure legislative compliance and achievement of external accreditation standards. Stella also works to ensure contract holders are achieving satisfactory levels of health and safety compliance. In her spare time she works on her Occupational Health and Safety Masters degree and writing for pleasure.

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Andrew McGregor - Principal Advisor Wells
Andrew is a versatile and experienced international EP drilling professional with 36 years' experience in Europe, Australasia, SE Asia, Africa and Oman.  He is experienced as a drilling manager including single string operations.  Drilling systems include deepwater, offshore and onshore remote locations.  His experience includes contracting, and team formation, and he has a consistent focus on safety and performance through good planning and communication.

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Brian Ricketts - Geologist

Brian is a geologist-hydrogeologist, specialising in sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, O&G exploration and well-site geology. He has his own website for further information: and you can view his profile on LinkedIn.

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Monmoyuri Sarma - Geoscience Lead
Mon has ten years experience in the petroleum industry and has been involved with numerous exploration and development projects. She has worked in multiple basins with varying degrees of geological complexity. Her work ranges from petroleum systems analysis, seismic interpretation and static reservoir modelling to reserve estimation. You can view her profile on LinkedIn.

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William Thorp - Senior Advisor Power & Renewables
Will has significant international experience in the energy sector and a proven track record of delivering engineering consultancy services to renewable energy developers. You can view his profile on  LinkedIn
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ShaneTreacy - Field Petroleum Geologist
Shane has prior experience in Canada on hard rock rigs and has now successfully transferred those skills to oil and gas wellsite geology work.  He is responsible for looking after the New Zealand log database and offset well review methodology which  Elemental Group has developed.

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Raimond van der Pal – Principal Advisor Geology and Geophysics

Raimond has over 25 years geology and geophysics experience in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. He specialises in 3D static modelling, reservoir geology, 3D seismic interpretation, subsurface uncertainty assessment, support of dynamic simulation work and field development planning.

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