Solar Power Development Project

Client: CBS Power Solutions
Location: Solomon Islands
Project: Solomon Power with assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB) proposes to develop and operate grid connected solar-diesel-battery hybrid power stations in five provincial centres in the Solomon Islands, which will largely substitute for existing diesel generation. The proposed project will provide a total solar generation capacity of 2MW at the provincial centres of Kirakira 320 kW, Lata 290 kW, Malu’u 140 kW, Munda 1,000kW and Tulagi 250 kW. Elemental Group undertook development of the Site-specific Environment Management Plans and the Contractor Environment Management Plan, and facilitated stakeholder engagement for these sites.
The Project has been classified by ADB as Environmental Category B.
Reduction in CO2 emissions are estimated at 72% or 55,000 T CO2 over a 25 year life compared with 100% diesel generation. This is based on modelling for the design of the hybrid system, and indicative lifecycle emissions for solar PV allowing for emissions in manufacture, transport, construction and operation, and due to land clearing.
Date: October – November 2018