Elemental is uniquely positioned to help companies transition from their core fossil fuel business into new energy opportunities.

As the world is in an energy transition, we are leading this sector, through our consulting and modelling services of clean energy possibilities
– Both for New Zealand and global sites with investors’ interest.





We act for organisations within the petroleum and new energy sectors. Our broad coverage allows us to assist you to improve business performance through a combination of management, financial, and technical advice in the following fields:

Governance Advisory

We evaluate proposals against simple risk factors ensuring that governing bodies approve strategies that are sound, achievable, and risk covered.

Project Management

We work with clients to build integrated, multidisciplinary project teams for business opportunity delivery. This may be within an existing project or leading delivery of multiple client work streams for management or board requirements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sale and purchase due diligence requires special skills to quickly gather, interpret and communicate the fundamental robustness of a divestment or acquisition. We have been involved in all phases of sales processes.

Asset Portfolio Management

We rapidly complete asset portfolio management with our clients by:

  • Using standardised techniques for documenting assets
  • Assessing the economic value of all scenarios
  • Rolling up the portfolio and rationalising investment (strategy)

Contract Analysis

We have key experience in major agreements formulation, creation, and management, in both upstream and downstream.


You can access a full range of subsurface, production and commercial expertise. This expertise is available both remotely and on site, whether that be onshore or offshore or client office. Our solutions achieve an integrated approach to complex tasks.

Development Plans

Gathering the best available geological, engineering, fiscal and cultural data is the first step to defining a your development plan. Facilities functional specifications are developed to assess the best cost and recovery trade-offs to maximise the recovery and efficiceny. When significant uncertainty remains, further appraisal investment may be required to better delineate your resource options and define the risk of over or under-investment to best suit your risk appetite.


Elemental offers a full range of geophysical and geological resources. 

Wellsite Geology

Our  wellsite geologists understand the need for prompt reporting through established reporting channels. They are hired as much for their managerial skills as their geological knowledge; getting the most out of third party contractors, while at the same time acting as the ‘mesh’ that  binds drilling and subsurface teams together for successful outcomes.

Operations Geology

Our experienced operations geologists are all ex-wellsite geologists. They can fulfil client requirements on an ad-hoc, remote or placed (in your office) basis and assist with all facets of operations, from procurement through to end of well report (EOWR) submission.

Pore Pressure Prediction

Our team assists with both pre-drill modelling and realtime monitoring. We use the same team in the pre-drill analysis as we use to  provide the realtime monitoring service, so that they fully understand the assumptions inherent to the model, with any deviation promptly recognised and reported. In addition, any on-site observations are fed back into the pre-drill model to further improve predictions for the next well, rather than being ‘lost in the system’.

Wireline QA/QC

Our experienced team covers off all your wireline supervision needs including contract negotiation, programme design, pre and post job calibration checks, load out verification, on site supervision, trouble shooting and invoice validation.


We provide remote ‘quicklook’ analysis for individual wells on an ad hoc basis, or sit in your office to assist with both exploration and development projects. We cover off all your wireline supervision needs.

Economic Analysis

We regularly assist our clients to better understand the financial implications of their resource options. We achieve this via Project, Field, and Portfolio economics.

Production Engineering

Production Engineering covers the maximisation of oil and gas well production via modelling, artificial lift selection, completion design, stimulation and monitoring management systems.

Well modelling covers inflow characterisation, vertical lift performance, network analysis and artificial lift modelling. Artificial lift increases production rates and reserves. Completion design includes material selection, tubing size and safety systems including wellheads and xmas trees. Stimulation and recompletion includes acidizing, perforating, short radius sidetracks, fracturing and shut-off operations.

Monitoring production is critical to maximising recovery from a field and recommending mitigation actions to maintain high production rates. Routine surveillance, planning and gathering of data is critical to ensuring reserves are recovered quickly, and ongoing production is maintained.