Our clients ask us back consistently to help take their business further.

We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. Below are some projects we can tell you about:

  • Maari Growth Project
  • Loyz Qualified Persons Report
  • Wind Turbine Installation in Seychelles and Samoa
  • Environment Projects
  • Re-use of offshore infrastructure and platforms: Assessing value to communities, industry and the environment. Funded by the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge
  • QatarGas 4, 7.8 MTPA LNG train, including Q-Max vessel financing and US Re-gas terminal integration
  • Australia Pacific LNG, 9 MTPA LNG from Coal Seam Gas train
  • Oman and Qalhat LNG plants – 3 x 3.7 MTPA LNG trains
  • The world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant, Pearl GtL Qatar, 140,000 bbl/day
  • Refurbishment, expansion and associated exploration of LNG facility in Libya
  • Turkey BOO power plant – 3,850 MW CCGT (largest power plant financing at the time)
  • Integrated upstream, mid-stream and downstream gas field development Saudi Arabia
  • Integrated upstream, mid-stream and downstream unconventional oil developments in North America
  • The development of a hydrogen-fuelled power plant with carbon capture, Hydrogen Power Abu Dhabi, 400MW (project on hold after FEED)
  • One of world’s largest thermal solar power plant, Shams One, 100MW
  • Development of one of the largest photovoltaic power plants, 100MW in Abu Dhabi
  • The world’s largest offshore wind farm, London Array – 1000MW
  • Powerco Disruptive Technologies Independent Study: Development of a suite of research and feasability study reports for Powerco in the following technical areas: a) Commercial solar PV systems for network benefit. b) Electric vehicle charging. c) Energy storage units. d) Energy communities. e) CNG as a transport fuel. f) Fuel cells. g) Cogeneration
  • Development of a project design document to enable the implementation of the Nauru Energy Roadmap for EU-GIZ